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A Guide To Shed Plans, Greenhouses And Children's Playhouses

Building your own shed can be a simple project if the proper planning and guidelines are followed. More and more, people are turning to do-it-yourself projects as a means of completing additions and renovations to their houses, so why not build your own shed or other structure to satisfy your family's needs?

Childrens Playhouse Shed Plan

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A shed can significantly increase the value of your property while maintaining a well-organized yard. Plus, the additional storage will make all of your household chores easier and less time consuming with all of your equipment easily within reach and not stored away somewhere inside the home or the garage. Maybe your family needs a children's playhouse, or perhaps you need a utility shed for yard or farm equipment. Whatever your needs, www.projectplans.com has hundreds of great shed structures that are easy-to-build step-by-step from beginning to end.

Yard Barn with Storage Loft

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After selecting a shed blueprint plan, review the checklist of design information below that you must gather before you begin to build.

Local Building Requirements

Visit your local building department and determine how local building codes and zoning ordinances will influence your project.

Deed Restrictions

Are there conditions in your property deed that restrict the type and location of your shed? Are you planning to place your shed over property controlled by an easement for right-of-way or utility access?

Climatic Factors

Evaluate the microclimate of your intended shed location. Microclimate includes the shading effects of trees and shrubs, the angle of the sun in relation to nearby landscaping during different seasons, soil drainage conditions, and prevailing wind and temperature conditions. Remember an enclosed shed without temperature regulation needs to be protected from the sun in the summer and exposed to any available sunlight in the winter.

Shed Functions

Remember this shed will not only be functional but an attractive addition to your yard as well. It can make a wonderful place for a gardener to house their tools and supplies or it can create a workshop or hobby area perfectly designed for you and your needs. Adding storage shelves, electricity and other amenities can only make your shed more personalized and functional to your needs.

It is important to think about what kind of lumber best suits your shed project. Consider both the positive and negative attributes of the lumber types listed below.

Convenience Shed Plan

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Choosing Lumber for Your Shed

Below is a concise guide to some common softwood lumber species used in shed construction. As you will see, each type of wood has its own good and bad qualities. You may make your decision based on your region of the country or the wood most commonly used or its durability. Or, perhaps you have a deck or other structure in your backyard already built with a specific type of wood. You may decide to use the same type for consistency.

  • Cedar, Western Red - Popular for the durability and decay-resistance of its heartwood.

  • Cypress - Cypress resists decay, is a attractive reddish coloration, and holds paint well.

  • Douglas Fir, Larch - Douglas fir has great strength and is used best in the framing of your shed, especially in the floor joist members.

  • Pines - Numerous pine species have excellent workability but are often pressure-treated for use in exterior construction.

  • Southern Pine - Unlike the soft pines described above, southern pines possess strength but are only moderately decay and warp resistant.

  • Poplar - Poplar has moderate strength, resists decay and warping.

  • Redwood - A premium construction material because of its durability, resistance to decay, and beautiful natural brownish-red coloration.

Garden Shed Plan

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Our easy-to-construct shed plans add simplicity to the task of adding a new addition or backyard structure to your home. A shed, playhouse or other structure will not only provide necessary shelter and storage space, it will increase the value of your home, making it all worthwhile. Browse through our shed collection at www.projectplans.com and find the shed that fits your needs.

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