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Apartment Garages, Building Structures and Other Great Additions To Your Home And Life

Apartment Garages – A Solution For Many Space Obstacles

Imagine having the perfect home and lot, but suddenly you need additional space for hobbies, in-laws or a child home from college. Why not consider building an addition or apartment garage to suit your needs?

Horse Barn with Loft

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Projectplans.com has a terrific collection of building plans offering several options for those families needing the additional space they long for. Many different styles and sizes of apartment garages are available offering plenty of style as well as function your whole family will enjoy.

As baby boomers age, their children are in need of a solution for keeping their parents close while still raising their own families. A stylish and newly built apartment garage could be the perfect situation for this need. This structure gives family members the privacy they want while offering tremendous convenience. Plus, staying in the home you love and cherish is an additional plus. Sometimes, when we build our homes, we don't envision the changes that we may face in the future. An addition to your existing home or an apartment garage allows your family to stay in the place you planned while adapting to changes that may need to be faced.

2-Car Garage with Office

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Another great use for an apartment garage creates a place for children home from college to dwell. Having your college-aged children coming and going from an apartment garage helps them maintain a sense of independence while still being footsteps away. Plus, their busy schedules and hours will keep the main house from being disrupted.

2 Car Garage Aparment

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Or, if you prefer, transform your apartment garage into the perfect home office or studio for hobbies. Removing this space from the rest of the home will ensure privacy, quiet and create a place to concentrate whether you're balancing the checkbook, working professionally from home or creating an artistic masterpiece.

Whether you are in need of a place for older children, in-laws or a pleasant work environment, an apartment garage may be the perfect solution for your family and its needs now and in the future.

Additions Expand Your Home's Horizons

Adding an addition such as a three-seasons room, screened porch or other space also helps add value to your existing home while meeting the needs of your family. If the floor plan of your home is more Traditional, it may have a formal living room and a more casual family room. Adding an additional gathering space creates more area for the family to gather whether it's for a home theater or a media room. There are countless possibilities to consider if an addition is in your future. Maybe a children's play room is needed so toys are strewn all over the place. As your children grow, this addition can “grow” with you and later be converted to a library, home office or additional sitting area. Flexibility is the key.

Moving Beyond Your Home

Or, perhaps you are looking for another type of structure. A structure removed from your everyday activities and life; a place of tranquility and relaxation. Maybe a place of refuge is what you are looking for. Have you always dreamt of having a wooded getaway perhaps near a lake or mountains? Then, look no further than our cottage, cabin and A-frame projects and plans.

Comfortable and cozy, these plans will no doubt be “the home away from home” you've always wanted providing a tranquil escape from your bustling everyday lifestyle. These “smaller” cabin, cottages and homes are designed to create a peaceful oasis from the everyday stresses in your life and can be the perfect place to slow things down and enjoy life at your own pace. These dwellings are also ideal as hunting and fishing cabins and make the perfect weekend getaway by your favorite creek or lake. In fact, they could be built as an extra source of income and be rented throughout the year.

Other Great Options For Your Lifestyle

Maybe your hobbies or profession have created a need for additional space. Then, a craft cottage, multi-purpose barn, horse barn or poolside structure can add organization and ease when enjoying your favorite activities or hobbies. Whatever your needs, we promise you'll find the perfect solution for your life in this carefully selected collection of building plans. Even though these are more complicated projects perhaps requiring the need of a general contractor, we offer technical assistance so your construction is smooth from start to finish.

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