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Made In The Shade: A Guide To Deck Plans, Porch Designs and Patio Ideas

One of the hottest trends in the housing market today is expanding living in your home to the outdoors. With hot trends such as summer kitchens and outdoor fireplaces taking the housing market by storm, homeowners are looking for practical, affordable and easy ways to expand their living spaces into their backyard.

Expandable Deck

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Plus, with the past year's gas and food price increases, homeowners are spending more time at home than ever before. Cooking, relaxing and entertaining is being done more often from the comforts of our homes, so adding a backyard deck or space is the perfect way to enhance your backyard without investing a tremendous amount of money.

Shaded Deck

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Before beginning your search, are you craving an outdoor living area ideal for entertaining and relaxing? Look no further than our deck project plans and find the ideal size and style deck to suit both of these needs. Our stunning deck and gazebo plans will enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard, as well as increase the value of your home.

Deck With Gazebo

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We offer many different shapes and sizes so it will be easy to find a project that will be perfect for your family and your home's architectural style. A great deck design will make the best possible use of your outdoor space while harmonizing with the surroundings. And, by adding a covered shelter such as a gazebo, you can enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather. We features hundreds of decks styles and sizes perfectly suited for a variety of lot conditions as well.

Low Patio Deck

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This inspiring collection includes a multitude of deck styles including tiered, multi-level, pool, low-patio, raised and expandable. Gazebos range from square to 10-sided. Our collection also includes deck enhancements, bridges and patio covers. There is definitely something for everyone. And, if you are still searching, the assortment of designs on projectplans.com is the perfect place to begin your search.

Pool Deck

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Planning your new deck addition is the most important step of the process. Before building you must obtain quite a bit of information including local building codes and zoning ordinances, deed restrictions, and climatic factors. Choosing parts for your project is a way to make it unique, from the lumber, railings and fasteners. Expand your living space to the outdoors and you'll see how much more time you spend outdoors in your backyard. Whether you want a sprawling deck, quaint gazebo or a sleek deck for a hot tub, our simple do-it-yourself project plans will help get you on the right path.

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over 700 projects are showcased on projectplans.com, many featuring step-by-step instructions and material lists included! These projects will add beauty, function and value to your home. Be inspired by our fun and creative plans ranging from simple indoor projects to detailed apartment garages. Our plans make it simple to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home, plus increase the value.

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