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Getting Started Building Your Own Garage

If you're looking to add a garage to your home or lot, look no further. Along with providing an essential shelter for your car or extra storage space, a garage addition will greatly increase the value of your home.

1 Car Garage

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Projectplans.com has a collection of garage plans that includes styles to blend seamlessly with any home style you have. You are creating an addition to your home that should harmonize with the architectural style already in existence. Several sizes and styles are available to choose from including 1-car garages, 2-car garages, RV garages, garages with a workshop, garages with a loft, 2-car carports, garages with a storage area and many more options to suit all of your specific needs.

2 Car Garage With Storage

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Before you begin searching, think about the function of your garage and what you want it to accomplish. What do you want your garage to do? Do you want space for your vehicles along with a work area? Or do you need just a carport? Thinking about your needs and the available space on your site is essential before the initial search and planning stage.

One thing you must do is check with your local building department to determine your local building codes and zoning ordinances. Also, check your property deed for any size and location restrictions.

Before you place your garage on your property, study traffic patterns around your home. Create a site plan of your property and draw arrows to illustrate the basic movements.

In addition to the structure itself, you will also want to plan your new driveway, off-street parking or turnaround area. Adequate driveway and parking areas will add greatly to the convenience of your garage.

When creating a site plan, it is essential to locate exterior doors and windows on your plan. Try to include all exterior structures and landscaping in your plan.

Garage With Shop

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By building your own garage, you can add your own personal touches to the overall design. You have the freedom to choose a specific garage door, side door, windows, trim details, and siding. This is a great time to select exterior finishes to complement the overall look and style of your home. Then, it will appear to all that the garage and home were designed together and they won't appear disjointed.

If you plan on wiring your garage for electricity and are considering doing it yourself, two stops are almost mandatory: your local building code office and the power company, in that order. The code office will be able to inform you of any specific local building requirements. The power company will be able to tell you the best or required location for a meter and service panel if the garage will be separately serviced. If you plan on running off existing home service just make sure that the existing lines are able to carry the additional load.

The garage's main use is to shelter vehicles. More often than not, however, they become the catch-all for additional storage.

Here's some easy storage tips for planning your new garage:

  • Quick and easy storage can be found for items that don't need to be readily accessible by keeping them on boards or plywood sheets laid perpendicular to the joists.
  • Hanging cabinets keep often used articles at hand without taking up valuable floor space.
  • For storage of bulk goods, construction of an over-the-hood platform is an easy and worthwhile task.
  • Smaller items can be stored on projecting shelves hung on studs or closed walls. Spikes, dowels or wall brackets make great hangers on studs for many light items.
  • Pegboards and spring clips keep things visible, handy and produce a tidy, organized effect.
  • Overhanging brackets are easy to make and offer out-of-the-way storage for items such as lumber, pipes, etc.
  • Store your ladder hanging from the ceiling, off the floor and out of danger of being tripped over.
2 Car Garage with Storage

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Our easy-to-construct garage plans add simplicity to the task of adding a new addition to your home. A garage will not only provide necessary shelter and storage space, it will increase the value of your home, making it all worthwhile. Browse through our collection at www.projectplans.com and find the garage that fits your needs.

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